Oops: Top 5 Celebrity Stage Fail of All Time

It takes a lot of guts to go out in front of a crowd and perform. So many things have to go right. The sound needs to be on point, the light show needs to be synchronized, the crowd needs to be warmed up, and the artist themselves have to be healthy and present. Although artist’s work endless hours to get it right on stage, sometimes they do not always have the power to make things go well. We compiled a list of our top five stage fails of all time.

Not Your Average Stage Dive (Pink)

Source: Gfycat

Pink is one of the first modern pop-rock artists of the 21st century. Her music and stage performances have inspired many young girls all over the world to lead and be powerful, but sometimes even a Queen can fall. During her 2010 concert tour in Europe, her last act was to be strapped and launched into the air for some acrobatic singing. In one of her shows in Germany, the singer was slung into the crowd instead of the sky and had to be rushed to the hospital for X-rays on her back. Luckily, she was overall unharmed and soon made it back for the next show. I wonder if the audience got a refund though?

The Show Must Go On (Ed Sheeran)

Source: Metro

Ed Sheeran is the latest heart melter of the millennial generation. His one-man show is considered to be mesmerizing and touching. But it’s a lot of work to get it right. On the evening of July 12th, 2015, the singer’s loop pedal malfunctioned, and the show briefly stopped until it was fixed. Sheeran turned to the crowd and said: “We do have a curfew, but I’m not having this!”

Let There Be Sound (Paul McCartney)

Source: Radio X

Beatles frontman Paul McCartney has seen it all, but even the most well-known musician in the world is not protected from human error. McCartney was about to begin singing his hit song “Let it Be” in front of nearly two billion people watching on TV during the broadcasting of Live Aid when as he began to sing he realized his mic was not even on and the whole world watched him sing but could not hear a thing.

Go for Two (Metallica)

Source: washingtontimes.com

Performing in front of millions of people is no easy task. The artist sometimes spends a whole week on stage rehearsing before a show. Now imagine having to do that in the sweltering country of Abu Dhabi. When Metallica’s Kirk Hammett attempted to begin the intro to “Nothing Else Matters” but was unable to get it quite right. He stopped in the middle and told the crowd, “my hands are sweaty, and it’s just really hard for me to play. So, I’m going to do it one more time.” The audience made noise and gave him tons of positive reassurance that he can do it!

Going on a Trip (U2)

Source: giphy.com

Even for very successful and well-rehearsed bands such as U2, distraction could set in. When the band played a show in on May 14th, 2015 in Vancouver, the crowd was so big that it was almost too distracting to play in front of. That’s why when lead guitarist The Edge was performing on stage, and he seemed to have been distracted by the energy of the crowd so much that he just sort of walked off, and then gravity did its thing.

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